A casual walk on the beach can quickly turn into a most memorable day. Look closely at the sand and what do you see? If you happen to spot a piece of rare sea glass, it’s your lucky day! Not only are they uncommon, they’re peerless! No two are ever alike and that’s what makes them unique!

Rolled and tumbled in ocean waters for decades and more, losing all sharpness and clarity, simple pieces of glass become rounded and worn with a frosted-sherbet translucence. Transformed as collectible delicate jewels, choice colors are found once for every one thousand to ten thousand pieces plucked from the sand.

In an old-world rose-window design, our sea glass collection includes the most treasured and prized eleven colors – turquoise, red, yellow, black, teal, gray, pink, aqua, cobalt, amethyst and cornflower blue – with only mere hints of orange, the twelfth and rarest color of all. This is “Unique.”

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