Short Circuit


We'll try to make this easy.

Electric currents love to flow in circles called circuits. Circuits feel absolutely incomplete when their circles are open, yet are happy as clams and delightfully complete when their circles are closed. That's known as Open Circuit / Closed Circuit. We make or break circuits using simple easy switches. Circuits do, however, have really bad hair days. That's when the circular currents they adore say “Ooops!” and go off on really damaging detours! That's a Short Circuit!

Just as we use regimented foot steps drawn on blank paper to learn to dance, an electrical shorthand of dots and lines is used to describe circuits. “Short Circuit” is a choreographed Hollywood panoply of movement on a pristine white silken stage. It's a Busby Berkeley citrus cavalcade of dancing dots and blue graphite conga lines galore. On summer white and winter white, on white as mountain snow; on lily white and lightning white, on the white of a glacial flow; on cotton white, on sugar white, on the white of an alabaster spoon; on blizzard white and ocean foam, they dance by the light of a silvery moon.

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