Planck Time

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In 1899 the German theoretical physicist, Max Planck, suggested there existed fundamental natural units for length, time, mass and energy. Though still debated, many physicists consider Planck Time to be the shortest possible measurable time interval. Plank’s discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in 1918.

Now, “What,” you ask, “does all this have to do with this design from Kaleidoscarves?” The answer is quite an easy one. It’s simply a play on words. The image resembles stacked planks of wood, seen along their length or sides and ends. The overall color is somewhat woody, but it’s not realistic to just use the word “woody!”

Among the hints of jasper and turquoise that underscore the shadows of your “plancks,” there’s
– Auburn, chestnut, bourbon, brick
– Russet, rosewood, saffron, yam
– Carnelian, copper, cinnamon, dun
– Nutmeg, pumpkin, root beer, roan.

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