The Navajo Nation is the second largest indigenous tribal group recognized in the United States; the Cherokee being first. On 27,000 square miles of land where four states – Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico – meet, the Navajo have the largest reservation in America. They originally called themselves Diné or Naabeehó. By the 1640s the Spanish used the term Navajo. Originally hunters and gatherers, the Navajo adopted crop farming from the Pueblo peoples. When the Spanish arrived, the Navajo began herding sheep and goats, and the practice of spinning and weaving wool into blankets and clothing became common. Navajo textiles became highly valued for their artistic expression and have been prized and collected for over 150 years.

Expressing our own impression of the Navajo, we use patterns from the Nation’s traditional weavings, incorporating diamonds, geometric bands and fourfold symmetry, the latter thought to represent harmony. Their long-established colors of brown, white, indigo, red, black, green, yellow and grey are given new life, with subtleties of hues and tones not found in traditional time-honored blankets. Applying soft, watery effects throughout the imagery, the whole blends together to form a romantic “Navajo” cloak just for you.

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