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Narrative folklore, or legends, have no happenings outside the realm of possibility. Passed on over history from the beginning of human time itself, the narratives are repeated again and again. They’re often transformed by one teller to another, to keep the stories fresh and alive and vital to the listener. Legends always remain within the realm of uncertainty, never being believed, but also never being resolutely doubted.

Our “Legend” is a patchwork of timeless chromatic tales repeated together in a melody of crisp coordinating colors. With somewhat primitive feathered imagery, like stencils and cutouts, it captures the flavor of early tribes and clans. With the full spectrum of an artist’s palette, like a a field of hybrid tulips or a box of child’s crayons, it presents a more modern taste of recent and current times. What’s certain, beyond a shadow of any doubt, is that this vibrant and eye-catching visual tale will become a “Legend’ in the narrative of your wardrobe.

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