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Though it is the color of the sky all around us, blue is also Nature's rarest color; and the blue gemstone, lapis lazuli, is one of Nature's truest rarities. It has been a treasured stone since the time of the pharaohs and was once reserved only for emperors, kings and queens. Given new life during the Renaissance, it was ground into fine powder and mixed with oil, becoming the artist's most precious color of choice for their paintings depicting the divine. Its deep celestial blue remains the universal symbol of honor, power, spirit, vision, wisdom and truth.

Reprinted by popular request from our previous collection, “Lapis” is newly presented here as a Deluxe Edition. Brilliant and extraordinarily blue, the superbly saturated color magically captures the very essence of the precious stone. Found as sparkling veins and nuggets throughout the actual rock, dazzling yellow gold is scattered here, too, across its entire surface.

Using twice the amount of silk, “Lapis” provides twice the luxury and pleasure. Its bold color makes it a perfect a choice for any man's wardrobe, as for a woman's. A complement to everything, you, too, will feel like royalty wrapped in this lustrous gem, living in the lap of double luxury with “Lapis.”

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