The remarkable beauty of the Art Deco style is beautifully captured in this lavish interpretation. Looking closely at the outstandingly fine details of its repetitive vertical motif, you easily envision two of the greatest architectural monuments of the period – the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings in New York City. It is the latter from which we’ve drawn the name. With their tops crowned with spires reaching high into the sky, the words sleek, luxurious and glamorous perfectly describe both structures as well as this silk tableau.

“Empire” boasts a color combination that may simply be called green and gold. Yet the richness and blend of colors is a marvelous combination of so much more. The names of some of nature’s polished stones are fine examples – malachite and jasper, rainforest rhyolite and jade, tiger’s eye and nephrite, serpentine and shale, aventurine and pyrite, obsidian and jet.

Wearing “Empire,” you’ll feel as grand and beautiful as the design’s title implies.

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