Dali’s Dream

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When I was a teenager in New Jersey, Salvador Dali was living in New York City. I called him for an interview for my high school's newspaper and to my amazement, he answered the phone and agreed to my request. One fine day we met as arranged in the cocktail lounge of the St. Regis Hotel. The experience was wonderful, eye-opening and as surreal as were and still are his many creations. He permitted me to tape our conversation and for more than an hour Dali and I spoke.

As an adult, I often wonder how he saw the world, and what filled his dreams in the dark night of sleep. I imagine an endless repetition of fluid shapes all organized in tiny boxes. At work he would select one at a time incorporating the amorphous images into his paintings.

My vision of his dream is this silk canvas of neutral, warm and cool greys tinged with lavender and a breath of brown. Pale tints of fuchsia, peach, ivory and blue with dark tones of purple, navy, black and brown join black and white squiggles, squares, curves, graphs, dots and bars. In small rectangles separated with thin charcoal and white lines are stored incipient forms of the people, faces, clocks, trees, bones, animals and more that became his vocabulary of paint. “Dali's Dream” is a perfect accompaniment to your wardrobe of basic black, brown and gray. This stunning Deluxe Edition coordinates well with winter and summer whites, too, and your spring and summer orchids, pinks and blue.

Howard Barry Weiner, Designer

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