Deluxe Editions

In 2017 Kaleidoscarves™celebrated five years of business. In presenting Collection #9, I introduced the first Deluxe Edition – a combination of two identical scarves sewn back-to-back. The initial design, “River of Life,” sold out within days.

With twice the silk, Deluxe Editions have twice the luxury and are twice as warm as the Standard single layer scarves. This makes them perfect as a fashion accessory for those cold days in autumn, winter and early spring.


Standard Kaleidoscarves™ sell for $95.00. Deluxe Editions are less than twice that, at only $155.00. This price still includes free shipping within mainland USA.

Deluxe Edition scarves have an extraordinary feel and drape that need to be experienced. I guarantee you’ll appreciate them. If not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your money and pay the return shipping, too.

I’m presenting three new Deluxe Edition designs in COLLECTION #10 that are available now.

With each new collection, I’ve worked to design better and more unique Kaleidoscarves™. Since 2012, more than 3,500 sold. I wouldn’t be able todo this without you, your support and your patronage. I look forward to a successful and happy future providing you with more Kaleidoscarves™ to collect, treasure and enjoy.

Howard B. Weiner