KALEIDOSCARVESTM is the first step into manufacturing for the fashion accessory industry by artist-photographer, Howard Weiner.

In 2010 Howard produced a group of extraordinary and mesmerizing photographs as a highly regarded body of work entitled “Beyond the Kaleidoscope.” Responding to a client’s request to wear his artful images, in 2012 Howard reproduced the series onto a soft and supple fabric. Proving successful it instilled in him a desire to transition into the world of fashion.

Using high-tech digital printers, Howard’s kaleidoscopic photos are carefully transferred onto generously-sized rectangles of featherlight silk satin. To each scarf Howard gives a unique name.

With a growing following, women and men internationally are discovering KALEIDOSCARVESTM – where art and fabric come together.

Our History

  • Jan 2019
    Collection #10 is introduced with 15 new designs; 3 of which are Deluxe Kaleidoscarves™: Dali's Dream, Gold Leaf and Lapis
  • June 2017
    24 designs are released in our New Collection #9 and Kaleidoscarves™ first Deluxe Edition, River of Life, is released
  • May 2017
    Kaleidoscarves™ celebrates 5 years of business
  • Oct 2016
    20 designs are released in our New Collection #8
  • Dec 2015
    20 new designs in the Autumn - Winter Collection as we go 'Direct to the public' With Wholesale Pricing
  • Mar 2015
    Our new website is launched
  • Feb 2015
    The new Spring Summer collection of 15 Kaleidoscarves™ is released
  • Nov 2014
    Our 1st Autumn - Winter collection goes on sale
  • Feb 2014
    Buoyed by the success of the initial release, our first Spring - Summer collection of Kaleidoscarves™ goes on sale
  • Sept 2013
    The first full collection of Kaleidoscarves™ goes on sale
  • May 2012First scarf from Kaleidoscarves™ is made
    Encouraged by the response to the exhibition, Howard produced the first printed scarves
  • June 2010'Beyond the Kaleidoscope' exhibition
    The oversized kaleidoscopic digital photography exhibition opens