About KaleidoscarvesTM

Unlike Any Other

  • Intentionally designed as oversized rectangles, KALEIDOSCARVESTM measure 67 x 189 centimeters, or 26 x 74 inches – two full yards or almost two full meters of luxurious silk for you to enjoy.
  • Elegant hand-rolled, hand-sewn edges are featured on all our scarves.  These are hallmarks of fine tailoring around the world
  • Charmeuse is a sensual, silk satin fabric with exceptional shine and luster.  Its naturally insulating quality keeps you warm when there’s a chill in the air.
  • KALEIDOSCARVESTM are manufactured in Hangzhou, the silk capital of the world.  One of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for the last thousand years, Hangzhou holds international prominence and historical, worldwide importance in silk manufacturing.

Silk Charmeuse

In men’s apparel, silk charmeuse is used in linings of luxury-brand jackets and slacks, for popular and sexy undergarments such as boxer shorts, and for finely-tailored handkerchiefs, ties and cravats.

In the world of women’s fashion, the luster and delicate hand of silk charmeuse makes it ideal for flowing evening gowns, beautifully draped blouses, sensual lingerie and luxurious KALEIDOSCARVESTM.

Caring for KaleidoscarvesTM

Your new scarf from KALEIDOSCARVESTM is the perfect accessory and addition to your wardrobe.  Made using the most luxurious and lightweight 100% silk satin charmeuse, keep it looking new using these basic care instructions.

  1. Dry clean only.  Your scarf will absorb perfumes, oils, creams, body perspiration and pollutants in the air.  Use a reputable dry cleaner that cleans silk separately from other fabrics.
  2. We do not recommend washing your scarf.  Washing delicate silks may alter the fabric’s texture, diminish its sheen and induce shrinkage.
  3. Keep your scarf away from liquids, especially those containing alcohol or chlorine.
  4. Do not expose your scarf over long periods to sunlight.  Ultraviolet rays discolor most fabrics.
  5. Do not use pins with your scarf.  Pinpoints prick and mar the fabric’s evenly reflective luster.
  6. Store your scarf on large, rounded, smooth hooks or rings to help prevent snags & pulls.
  7. Over time your scarf will be folded, knotted and tied.  Remove undesired wrinkles or creases by gently ironing your scarf using the lowest heat or silk setting.
  8. Iron your scarf on the reverse or less shiny side, laying a thin towel on top of it to prevent scorching.
  9. As on all fine designer scarves, the hand-rolled and hand-sewn edges of KaleidoscarvesTM are hallmarks of expert workmanship.  While ironing, do not flatten these edges.
  10. For long-term storage, gently fold and place your scarf in a fabric box or a breathable container.  Remember to carefully clean your scarf before storing.

We hope you enjoy wearing your new scarf from KaleidoscarvesTM for many years to come.

Wearing KaleidoscarvesTM

Designed for beauty and versatility, wearing KaleidoscarvesTM is limited only by your creativity.  Worn as shawls or sarongs, turbans, bandeaus or wrapped simply around your neck, KaleidoscarvesTM are captivating.

Women AND Men are wearing KaleidoscarvesTM.  Be creative when wearing yours OR take a few tips from these happy folks!  Enjoy!

Be ahead of the times with Kaleidoscarves™!