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A universal ornament seen in varying versions throughout many cultures around the globe, tassels are decorative finishing features on fabric, furniture or clothing. In their inception they were simply tied knots at the end of cords to prevent them from unraveling.

Historically, variations developed with each becoming successively more elaborate. In 16th Century France, tassels were made by individuals called passementiers. Seven years of apprenticeship were required to become a master in a guild.

To this day, tassels are most often used to hold open draperies but a much simpler design has become part of mortarboards worn during school graduation ceremonies. Leather varieties are added to men's shoes, but in the Middle East, tassels are added to headwear as talismans to protect children and adults from malevolent spirits.

Our Tassels are placed end-to-end and recall the more ornate multi-strand decorations used in interior design. Celery seed, sandstone and dashes of curry pair with hints of faded chambray to accent the overall field of greens – jasper, parakeet, seaweed, sage; margarita, citron, sweet pea, pear; rosemary, iguana, eucalyptus, grape; grasshopper, willow, key lime, pine.

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