Striped For Life

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Ordinary names seem inadequate to describe the colors of these slender satin ribbons aligned in perfect vertical union. The capacious sweep of their subtleties glow with a natural radiance. Luminous all, they are made more brilliant by the sheen of polished copper that streams across their paths!

  • Fresh cotton and silk cocoon, hazelnut cream and butter pecan;
  • Blanched almond and semolina, bone china and sesame seed;
  • Maple sugar and autumn bronze, sugar cookie and peanut shell;
  • Peanut butter and desert camel, faded buttercup and saddle brown;
  • Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab, Apple crisp and spicy mustard;
  • Blackstrap molasses and roasted chestnut, Medjool date and caramel corn;
  • Sahara dunes and pecan pie, yellow oxide and crème brûlée.

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