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Navies around the world convey information at a distance by means of hand-held flags called semaphores. Red, yellow, white and blue, information is encoded by the flags being held in fixed positions by sailors.

Signal flags in simple geometric patterns are also used by adding black to the whites and bright primary colors. Each flag is assigned an alphabet or specific meaning and navies “dress” their ships by arranging the flags on lines bow-to-stern, hoisted high on the flagstaff to the foot of its jackstaffs.

Does it sound complicated?

Fear not! We've made it far simpler for you.

On Semaphore and its ultramarine sea of brilliant bright blue, a full-color spectrum of tiny flags is placed on display. With vertical lines held taut, you'll send very clear messages of your own!

  • Dressed with white, you'll be stunning!
  • Dressed with black, you'll be chic!
  • Dressed with another color of the rainbow, you'll be more than seaworthy for anytime of year!

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