River of Life


From its sandy, grassy slopes, step into the source of all life. Wading in its waters, experience the strength and power flowing endlessly over and around you, cleansing and washing away what was–making you new and whole. This is River of Life.

Like watercolors bleeding and blending from the artist’s brush, aqueous, rich ultramarine and midnight blue mingle with turquoise, teal, jasper and jade.

Brilliant emeralds rise to the surface, floating like shimmering kelp, marrying shamrock, chartreuse, crocodile, olive, basil and pear.

Stirred from its bed, silt reaches the surface appearing as peach, apricot, faint memories of pink.

Meeting rocks along its lifelong journey, the river sweeps onward. Eddies form aside its banks and its spume bubbles and foams as mangosteen, parchment, baby’s breath blue.

* This Deluxe Edition is made of two separate panels sewn back-to-back for an extraordinary feeling of luxury.

Get twice the value for less than twice the price.

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