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In Mother Nature it is very rare to find the color, blue. One of her grandest children is her semi-precious stone, Lapis lazuli. Created deep within her core then rising to her crust over millions of years, lapis is formed of the rocks lazurite, sodalite, calcite and golden pyrite.

Lapis' intense and other-worldy blue color has been prized since the eighth century B.C. Valued by almost all civilizations, it was the highest representation of blue gemstones. As an inexplicable rarity, it was treasured as the stone of royalties. In the funeral mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, it was combined with gold and used to stunning effects.

A September birthstone, its deep celestial blue remains the universal symbol of honor, power, spirit, vision, wisdom and truth. As an homage to Mother Earth, Kaleidoscarves™ has created Lapis especially for you. Feel like royalty with this gem luxuriously wrapped around you.

Lustrous, brilliant and extraordinary, its superbly saturated blue color magically captures the very essence of the stone while scattered across its surface are veins and nuggets of dazzling yellow gold.

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