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On its approach to Jupiter, the space probe, Voyager 1, captured time-lapse sequences of this fifth and largest planet in our solar system. It revealed the circular, counter-clockwise rotation of Jupiter's “Great Red Spot,” where we saw the motion of atmospheric vortices and bands.

Amazingly, this “Great Red Spot” is a persistent anticyclonic storm larger in size than our own planet, Earth. As though seen through the fish-eye lens of a camera, its movements take on various optical illusions. The distortions produce wide panoramic or hemispherical images.

With your very own special Jupiter, the scarf, your imagination may take you on a journey “to infinity and beyond” – where colorful miniature rectangles and ovals find themselves bending, buckling, caving and curving in an active state of metamorphosis.

Strong shades of teal, green and blue form a sweeping overall cool tone complemented and punctuated by dots of eye-popping reds, roses, oranges, peaches, tangerines, lemons and limes.

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