Introducing our NEW Deluxe Edition

Collection 9 River of Life on man

To celebrate five years of business, Kaleidoscarves™ is introducing a new Deluxe Edition of its popular 100% silk scarves.

River of Life in our Collection #9 is the first in our plan for future Deluxe Editions.

This new scarf is a combination of two identical scarves sewn back-to-back, providing twice the luxury and with a new luxurious sensation we guarantee you will appreciate.

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Collection 9 River of Life on woman

The Designer

Howard Barry Weiner

A native of New York’s metropolitan area, Howard’s early life was filled with and inspired by the versatility of Manhattan’s vast cultural and aesthetic gifts – music, theatre, opera, art, museums and more. Memories of his youth remained and influenced him, serving as filters for his developing creative eye. His love of art found a personal outlet through the lens of the camera.

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